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Just as carpet and upholstery are cleaned differently, as is true for Oriental and Area Rug Cleanings. Improper cleaning and agitation methods while cleaning natural fibers will most definitely lead to fraying and distortion of the filaments.


In-Plant Submersion cleaning is the only cleaning method accepted by Steam Pro technicians for your fine textiles. We will arrive at your home for pick up of your oriental rugs to bring to our specialized cleaning facility. Our master textile technicians are qualified to handle your valuable textiles. Our 11 step cleaning process is guarantee to give your oriental rugs the very best of cleanings.

Pre-Inspection - Our master textile cleaning technicians will examine your oriental rug and determine the best method of cleaning.
Pre-Vacuuming - This stage simply removes all top dry soil.
Total Dry Soil Removal - Using 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute, our dry soil separator is guaranteed to remove dry soil better than any vacuuming method without damaging your precious oriental rug. If this step is not taken, be certain that all dry soil, when soaked, will turn to mud. Mud will be more complicated to remove.
Pre-conditioning - All spotting is pre-treated to emulsify the soils. These treatments pay close attention to fringes.
Shampooing - Using between 200 up to 1000 pounds of water pressure combined with the highest quality emulsifying cleaning solutions, your oriental rug is now submersed in water prior to grooming.
Grooming - You oriental rug is now gently groomed to loosen any trapped water or oil based spots. It is very important to constantly analyze and critique every grooming stroke to be sure the fibers are never even slightly distorted.
Dwell Time - Your oriental rug will now sit in the cleaning solution from 10 - 30 minutes, based on the textile technician’s pre-inspection.
Drying - Your oriental rug will then be removed from the submersion pit to be hung dried in a controlled arid environment.
Post Grooming - All the fibers are then comb for a clean, finished look.
Post Inspection - Your oriental rug is now inspected by both the technician and a chief inspector for final approval before being delivered back to your home.
Delivery - Your oriental rug will be delivered to you wrapped in recyclable brown paper, to prevent any soiling during the transportation process. You give the final inspection.
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