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Depending on the amount of water used in the removal of soil from the carpet or fabric, dry times in most cases range from one to four hours. In the rare instance when dry times will exceed four hours you will be notified by your cleaning technician prior to the cleaning. Note: Scotchgard is applied wet and not extracted. If your technician recommends the application of Scotchgard to your carpets or fabric dry times may exceed six to eight hours.

We are committed to delivering same day carpet and fabric care if you desire so. Regardless if you need us in your home at 6 AM or 10 PM our technicians will arrive same day; on time, happy, energetic and focused to your cleaning needs. Don't need us today? Schedule a time most convenient for you.

You and your family's safety are our number one priority. Our eco-friendly, green product line ensures maximum safety measures are taken to protect both you and the environment.

If you do not receive the best most thorough cleaning you have ever experienced you pay nothing. We are not in business to take money from unsatisfied customers. You can trust that you're in good hands.

We are insured up to $2,000,000 through NOVA Casualty. Commercial orders, please call us if you would like any additional information.

Our trained technicians complete a twelve step cleaning process to ensure that your carpets have been cleaned above and beyond traditional cleaning standards. These twelve steps include:
1. Initial inspection - During this step your technician will conduct a thorough analysis of your carpet. He or she will identify the carpet fiber and decide which cleaning methods best suite both your and your carpet's needs.
2. Pre-Vacuum (commercial vacuum) - Removal of all dry soil is very important. IICRC studies have shown that up to 97% of soil within a carpet is dry soil. Simply said, wet dirt equals causes mud.
3. Pre-treatment - Your carpet is then pre-treated with a high PH soil lifter that breaks down spots, dirt, etc.
4. Aggitation - The pre-treatment is then groomed deeply into the carpet using a grandi groom, further breaking down residue.
5. Dwell Time - This is one of the most important, underrated, and unused discipline in the carpet cleaning industry. At this time your technician is simply letting the cleaning chemicals do their job. Elapsed time ranges between 15 and 30 minutes. It is at this time that the "real cleaning" is being done.
6. Neutralization - Dwell time is one of the most important steps but neutralization is definitely The Most important step of the carpet cleaning process. One of the major concerns that keeps our potential customers apprehensive is either a past experience or the experience of a friend or family member complaining about reoccurring spots. Even worse is the countless stories of those victims who's carpet look even dirtier than before they had them cleaned. This emphasizes the importance of neutralization. When studying the chemistry behind the cleaning chemicals we use one come to understand PH levels. Alkali, what is used during the pretreating step will not stop cleaning until it is neutralized. If it is not neutralized it will continue to clean the bottoms of your shoes and the dust in the air until it is absolutely filthy. It's this reason why these horror stories always state that the carpet looked beautiful when the technician left the home but looked terrible just days later. Neutralization is key to proper carpet cleaning and carpet longevity.
7. Steam Cleaning - Heat is key to the removal of soil, particularly oil based spots. Note: your technician may decide that steam cleaning may not be the best cleaning method to clean your upholstery or area rugs. Steam occurs at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). On natural fibers too much heat may distort the fibers or set in unwanted stains.
8. Deodorizor (optional) - Lack of vacuuming, high traffic, pets, spills, cooking, smoke, etc. are all things that can and probably will cause odors to be trapped and matted into your carpet fibers. When wet the carpet may begin to release these odors but luckily this can be avoided. Our deodorizing line includes over ten different fragrances mixed with bacteria eating enzymes to completely remove, not mask, these odors.
9. Scotchgard (optional) - Scotchgard is a protective coating that provides an invisible armor to your carpet and upholstery fibers. Scotchgard is famous for not allowing spills to penetrate the surface of your carpet or upholstery and shielding against microscopic razorbladelike dirt particles from damaging the fibers.
10. Post-Grooming - To dry properly carpet pile needs to be facing the same direction. Although it looks pretty to create triangles on the carpet, it is an improper drying method and will impede quick dry times. Your carpet will and must be groomed to dry quickly and uniformly.
11. Speed Drying - The humid air in the room must be circulated to allow dry air to absorb your carpet's dampness. Your technician will point the heavy duty commercial air movers towards open windows and/or dry rooms, greatly increasing dry times to as quickly as thirty minutes.
12. Post-Inspection - Are you thrilled with us or what? During this step your technician reviews how well your carpet and/or upholstery has responded to the cleaning and makes sure that you have had the best cleaning experience you've ever hoped for.
13. Bonus Step Freebie - Thank you so much for your business. Please accept our gracious gifts to you which include a lifetime supply of SteamPro's Spot Out and a free vacuuming of your baseboard moldings.

Most carpet manufacturers suggest no cleaning time to elapse more than twelve to eighteen months. The largest manufacturers, including Shaw, insist on these cleaning intervals to keep warrantees valid.

What can I do before you get here to prevent a stain!? Don't panic. First, using a dry white towel (not color dyed - it may bleed) blot up as much of the spot as you can. Do not scrub. You will only transfer the spot deeper into the carpet and even risk distorting the fibers. If you feel that you must do more before we come feel free to pour salt onto the spot to absorb it. If you feel that you can remove the spot on your own refer to our spot removal guide. If you have no luck, call us.

Our cleaning technicians are both specialized and certified in carpet and upholstery cleaning. Not only do we take all precautions towards your fabrics but also take care to cover all hard wood floors, promising not to leave you with any mess.

Along with the Scotchgard Protection Package includes a one year unlimited service warrantee. If there is any spill on your protected carpet or upholstery that can not be removed with your free spot cleaning bottle we will come at no charge to clean it for free.
hich include a lifetime supply of SteamPro's Spot Out and a free vacuuming of your baseboard moldings.
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